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In 2014, Russian citizens bought Invar products 4,500,000 times. Our team is proud to be able to help so many people in caring about their health. This number is comparable to the population of New Zealand, or, for example, the total population of the three Russian cities: Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

For 25 years we have been finding unique opportunities to help people, and this is the way we do this:

  1. Identify health issues that are a matter of concern for a lot of people in the Russian Federation
  2. Find products in the global pharmaceutical marketplace to address these issues
  3. Check whether these products comply with our requirements. They must be effective, innovative and easy-to-use
  4. Ensure availability of the products in pharmacies of all districts of the Russian Federation
# Erazaban

Product against herpes simplex labialis

# Epigen Intim

Your intimate habit



Line of nonhormonal products to treat common skin disorders

# Gynoflor® E

Product for restoration of normal vaginal flora

# Fluomizin®

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial vaginal antiseptic

# Mycosan

Helps to get rid of nail fungus and restore nail structure


Invar pays special attention to the feedback from its consumers.

You can send us your questions and comments, or learn about new pharmaceutical solutions and proposals for development of the product portfolio of Invar.

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